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ATA High School Seniors or ATA Jr. Gold shooters attending an accredited college/university/trade school

The PSSA Hall of Fame will award a $1000 scholarship to the successful ATA applicant that meets the following prerequisites and scores the highest total points for the weighted metrics.


  1. 1. Must be a Pennsylvania resident for five or more consecutive years.
    a. Applicable shooters who have been in either the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, or the Space        Force and now reside in Pennsylvania but for less than five consecutive years because of service to our country,        can apply their consecutive years of service immediately prior to Pa residence to meet this requirement.


  2. Must be a high school senior with a letter of acceptance from an accredited college/university/trade school or currently attending an accredited college/university/trade school. If currently attending an accredited college/university/trade school the candidate must have at least one semester or term remaining after receipt of the scholarship. The check will be written to the name of the accredited college/university/trade school that the successful applicant will attend or is attending. The applicant must provide documented proof of the above.

  3. High school seniors must have a SAT of 1020 or better, ACT of 22 or better, and a B+ /3.25 QPA. Applicants currently enrolled in an accredited college/university/trade school must have at least a B/3.0 QPA or equivalent. The applicant must provide documented proof of the above.

  4. Must have shot registered targets in the current target year up to the date of application and the target year prior to the current target year. The total for the two target years must be at least 1000 registered targets. Must have shot the targets in singles and handicap. For every 1000 total registered targets at least 300 registered targets must be handicap. For any portion of registered targets above the require 1000 registered targets the applicant is to try, as close as possible, to maintain this ratio. Must have a combined average, singles average and handicap average, of at least 87% e.g., singles average = 93 and handicap average = 85 [(93+85)/2=89].

  5. Must have shot at least one registered event at the Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association’s home grounds in Elysburg, Pennsylvania during the same time frame that is used for the registered targets.

  6. Must submit a 1 page essay explaining how shooting has affected your life.

  7. Provide verification of community service or volunteer work.


The preferred method of submitting the application with attachments is through the online submission form at the bottom of this page.

A facsimile of the attached form with attachments can also be used. Mail to: PSSA Hall of Fame Scholarship 2107 Forge Dr. Aliquippa, PA 15001

All Applications Must Be Received by May 15, 2023

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