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Westy Hogans 2021 Update

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


August 31st Update:

While PSSA is still seeking scorers and pullers for Friday, we also wish to remind our regular scorers and pullers that they will be paid a minimum of $75 on Friday if they work all day. Those who weren’t initially scheduled to work on Friday Sept 10, but now find themselves available, should contact Marian Chiavaroli and make their availability known to her.

Geiser will open the shell house on Saturday, September 11 at 8am. A total of 400 flats will be available. Your paid entry receipt will be required to purchase ammo.

Please also note, online presquadding will close September 4. Popular banks, posts & times filled quickly & are very limited.

Early classifying, squadding & cashiering will be available Thursday, September 9 from 5-7pm.



August 23rd Update:

As many of you know, I have re-retired from the position of manager of the PSSA, leaving the position in Steve Ross’ capable hands. However, and I’m not sure why I agreed, I’m coming back for one more day - the first day of the Westy Hogans - and I’m going to need help.

Because school is in session both scorers and loaders are in very short supply on Friday.

PSSA is offering $75 to anyone willing to serve as a scorer or puller on that Friday.

If you are willing to help please email me at to let me know. Also share this information with anyone you know who is capable of doing either job. With enough help from you we can make Friday a success and I look forward to a successful day.


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