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Spring Update

Dear Shooters,

Winter has finally left us, and summer temperatures have finally arrived.

The 2021 Keystone Open is now complete and was a great success! Entries for the 3 day shoot were up 139 entries over the 2019 event. (As you may recall, there was no 2020 event due to Covid-19 government restrictions). We had great weather, calm winds and a very enthusiastic crowd itching to shoot.

The new voice call speakers have been installed. There were however some reliability issues due to corrosion in the connections and some faulty wires. Our trap mechanics took care of this problem in a timely and efficient manner. 2 traps on bank 5 had mechanical issues which required their closure, but Manager Chuck Fritzges resolved the issue by moving the squads to bank 6 which was not being used. This worked out great and the events still flowed smoothly. Lastly, trap 8b was found to be not oscillating properly. This did cause bank 8 to run behind in several events but the issue was resolved through the replacement of a faulty circuit board.

The PSSA has asked for a 6 month extension for the RACP Grant. This was done to provide more time to complete the formal application and determine our plan for fundraising. We will continue to provide updates on this project as it develops.

Improvements to our grounds have begun. Stone was placed and rolled in the upper campground, and portions of the lower campground roads have had pot hole filled and several of the spend bumps reduced in height. In early June, an electrical panel will be replaced in the upper campground which will improve electrical reliability. Other improvements will occur as funds are available.

The PSSA EC would like to thank everyone who helped make the Keystone Open a success. A special thanks goes to Pat Geiser for providing ammo for this event during the ongoing ammunition shortage, and helping to make this event a success.

The next events are the Colonial Classic which is June 12th and 13th, and the Pa. State Shoot which follows on June 14th through the 20th. At this time I don’t know the availability of ammo so I suggest bringing your own. We expect a great shoot and hope to see you there!

PSSA Executive Committee

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