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SCTP Nationals!!

Congratulations to the Future of Trapshooting in PA!!!

Williams Valley Trap Team

Back to Back National Champions!!!

Williams Valley Trap team members from 3 different school districts competed in the SCTP National Championships in Marengo, Ohio at the Cardinal Center. Nick Wertz from Williams Valley, Jack and Jacob Rebuck from Line Mountain, Nicole and Brandon Hood from North Schuylkill. This is the teams second year in a row finishing in 1st place for the Open Class division. Nick Wertz finished with a 196/200. Jack Rebuck finished with a 196/200. Jacob Rebuck finished with a 195/200. Nicole Hood finished with a 192/200. Brandon Hood finished with a 190/200. All together they scored a 969/1000 targets to capture the title. They competed against 185 other teams from around the country in the same division. This is a huge event with over 3,000 kids competing in the 200 Singles Trap alone.

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