PSSA Camping Update

The PSSA understands there have been some questions regarding our camping season and recent price increase. The information you have heard may have been skewed beyond its original intent, so please understand, it is not our intention to deter our campers from any shoots on the PSSA grounds.

The campgrounds are currently closed to people & traffic until May 1. Road & electrical work are happening now.

Per the lease agreement, the campgrounds are open May 1 through September 30, barring anything unforeseen. Winters are harsh; trees, limbs & branches come down & must be cleaned up. Contractors are in & out throughout April cutting trees, weed control, repairs & excavating, etc. We try to be open as close to May 1 as possible, but we must also work within the schedules of our contractors and maintenance staff. Our priority is safety, not only to you and your RV, but our contractors and staff.

Lease holders (camping on their leased site) are permitted to camp while attending PSSA scheduled shoots that fall between the May 1st and September 30th camping season. Camping at other times during the season will require a $40.00 per night charge, payable to the PSSA.

Renters who have a rental agreement thru the PSSA (whether or not they are camping on a leased site), are required to pay $40.00 per night in addition to those already selected in said agreement. The dates for each shoot & number of nights are included in the reservation request as well as outlined in the confirmation letter. All fees are payable to the PSSA.

Campers must also disconnect from all utilities between shoots. Leaving your RV plugged into the electric to leave your refrigerator on &/or to keep batteries charged, will require an additional $1.00 per day payable to the PSSA. Air conditioners & fans must be turned off. A penalty of $5 per day will be invoiced for excessive electric use.

We hope this addresses all of your concerns. Any further questions should be directed to the PSSA Camping Supervisor, Carlette Proukou or Chuck Fritzges, PSSA Manager.

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