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Project 2021

As we near another shooting season and people begin to make plans for the PSSA sponsored tournaments the PSSA Executive Committee felt it was necessary to remind our generous patrons and donors that the preferred squadding program, and its benefits was a five year opportunity and that five year period has expired.

It is the EC’s desire to continue this program as one means of reducing PSSA’s debt structure. Therefore, Project 2021 is being introduced at this time.

Project 2021 will consist of the following:

  1. Preferred squadding for a squad for five years.

  2. One preferred parking space in the South Parking Lot immediately behind the PSSA building.

  3. Recognition on a Project 2021 display in the PSSA building.

This program is limited to 20 squads; and is priced at $5,000 for the five year period. We anticipate a great deal of interest and offer this Project on a first come, first signed basis. This works out to $200 per shooter per year (or less than $5.00 per event over the year). Note that this does not include the normal pre-squad fees – they still apply.

Interested shooters may secure participation in this project by remitting a check for $5,000 (payable to PSSA) to:

Charles Fritzges, PSSA Secretary

85 Jones Road

Milton, PA 17847

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