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November Delegates Letter

Thank you!! A HUGE thank you to all the shooters, volunteers, and employees that helped make 2021 a successful year for the PSSA and, in particular, at the Westy Hogans. There are many moving parts that are undertaken to operate and conduct events at Elysburg and one of the main parts is line personnel. It has always been an issue come September when most of our scorers and loaders are back in school. I can’t express my appreciation enough to those that helped keep score and load traps on Friday and Saturday of the Westy Hogans. With shooter participation, the Westy Hogans completed the PSSA shooting year for 2021. Attendance was down 11.6% overall with 2,280 shooters this year compared to 2,579 in 2020. Championship attendance was down 12.1% with 1,322 entries this year compared to 1,504 in 2020 and resulted in an All-American points factor of 5. Congratulations to our event winners: Brian Snyder of Milford, PA – Singles Champion with his first 200 straight, William Natcher of Ebensburg, PA – Doubles Champion, Steven Buenzli of Nazareth, PA – Handicap Champion, Chris Vendel of Glen Rock, PA – HOA Champion, Ian Darroch of Aliquippa, PA – HAA Champion, and Deborah Ohye-Neilson of Audobon, PA – Lady of America Champion. Look for the full report in Trap & Field.

The following week had a contingent of twenty PA shooters bring home 83 awards from the Northeast Grand in Cicero, NY. Deborah Ohye-Neilson earned the Doubles Championship, HOA Championship as well as singles event # 1 Champion and category HAA as part of her 10 awards for the week. Joseph Breck IV (10) and Sheldon Hostetter (10) captured category HAA & HOA titles and earned doubles event # 6 and singles event #7 Champion respectively. Frank Pascoe (5) earned doubles event # 3 Champion right after Martin Reed earned handicap event # 2 Champion. Ron Ostrowski Jr (12) and William Ross (8) earned category HAA and HOA titles, Bradley Green (3) and Michael Dixon (2) earned class HAA titles, and Wyatt Readler (4) and Brendan Doorly (2) earned category HOA titles. Other PA winners include Jonathan Hannahoe (3), Timothy Burnett (2), Donald Neilson (3), Criona Doorly (2), Brian Snyder, Austin Unverdorben (2), Ryan Ramsay, Wayne Kreisl, and Brad Hitchcock. Congratulations to all of our winners. As of this writing, preliminary postings for the PA State Teams and All-American Teams have been released. Recognition will be forthcoming next month once they become official.

Steve Ross Pennsylvania ATA Alternate Delegate

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