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Keystone Open

We'll be open Thursday 5/12 for practice from 4-7pm and have Classification, Squadding, Cashiering and the Help Desk open from 5-7pm. On Friday 5/13 we'll be open at 8am and the first event will begin shooting at 10am. Anyone who's presquadded will be automatically classified, but please verify everything is correct prior to cashiering.

Pat Geiser has informed us that he'll have approximately the same amount of ammo as last year. He currently has a mix of light and heavy 1-1/8oz loads, along with a variety of 1oz loads. He will not have any handicap loads available. To help spread out his inventory, shells will be sold on a per day basis, and will require a paid event receipt. Please plan accordingly and thanks for your patience while we continue to work through an unprecedented time.

Safe travels to all attending and look forward to seeing you!!

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