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December Around the ATA

It’s hard to believe that the 2021 calendar year is nearing an end but here we are in December. The 2022 All-American teams have been announced and Pennsylvania has twenty shooters representing our state including two team captains. Deborah Ohye-Neilson earned the top spot on the Lady II team and Chris Vendel earned the captaincy of the Sub-Veteran Team. Congratulations to both for a fantastic 2021 shooting season. Also earning All-American honors were Ian Darroch – Open first team, Donald Schaffer Jr – Open second team, Caitline Bonser – Lady I second team, Joseph Breck IV – Sub-Junior first team, Nicholas Wertz – Junior first team, Cooper Nystrom and Clare Schaffer – Junior second team, Wesley Beaver – Junior Gold first team, Ron Ostrowski Jr, Tyler Hasbrouck, Evan Wirth, and Jacob Bonser – Junior Gold second team, Kenneth Darroch – Sub-Veteran first team, Donald Neilson Jr – Sub-Veteran second team, Frank Pascoe and Joel Etchen – Veteran first team, Sheldon Hostetter – Senior Vet second team, and William Ross – Chairshooter team. A superb year of shooting by all shooters! Congratulations to all of our PA representatives on the All-American team!

The 2022 Pennsylvania State Teams have also been finalized along with the high-average winners. The 2021 high average awards were earned by Brandon Deal for singles with a 98.83, Ian Darroch for handicap with 94.61, and Wesley Beaver for doubles with 96.13. Deborah Ohye-Neilson swept the high averages for the ladies with 97.98 for singles, 90.15 for handicap, and 94.21 for doubles. Congratulations to the above shooters for year-long consistency! Captain spots were earned by Ian Darroch (12) – Open team with a 96.33 combined average, Nicholas Wertz (3) – Jr/Sub-Jr team with a 94.38 average, Deborah Ohye-Neilson (9) – Lady I/II team with a 94.11 average, Joel Etchen (29) – Veteran team with a 93.83 average, and Curtis Paul (4) – Sr Vet team with a 92.22 average. Congratulations to our 2022 captains. Our other members of the 2022 state teams are: Open first team – Chirs Vendel (4), Wesley Beaver (12), Cody Davis (17), Brandon Deal (10), Donald Schaffer Jr (15), Kory Shissler, Ben Shope (2), Ken Darroch (31), and Jared Hanna (2). Open second team – Matt Rebuck (2), Ben Snyder, James Johnston, Tyler Hasbrouck, Doug Worrell (6), Don Neilson (20), John Lavrich, Steven Miller (8), Ron Ostrowski Jr, and JT Spangler. Jr/Sub-Jr team – Cooper Nystrom, Jaxon Grey, Clare Schaffer (3), Jarod Ossman (3), Joseph Breck IV (4), Kurt Willman (4), Wyatt Readler, Iver Gustafson II (2), and Austin Unverdorben (2). Lady I/II team – Bethany Breighner (10), Katelynn Decker, Robyn Bird (9), Stephanie Wrisley (5), Caitline Bonser, Diane Arner (14), Taylor Hanson (2), Diana Kuestner, Donna Natcher (24), Mary Schaffer, Marcy Plunkett (6), Susan Owens (11), Kim Bateman (17), and Criona Doorly (4). Veteran team – Frank Pascoe (30), Jerome Stefkovich (8), Scott Holdren (3), Randy Krick (4), John Manetta, Tom Lonczynski (3), Edward Bayer, William Ross, Phil Boland, Phil Boinske (14), George Ainsworth (2), and Patrick Monaghan. Senior Vet team – Larry Shade (15), Sheldon Hostetter (27), Steven Fitch (13), Rich Stefanacci (5), Joe Mizikowski (3), Rich Long (4), Jack Jabs (9), Luigi Liberato, Clayton Hoffman (5), Richard Mills (3), Richard Shaffer (2), Richard Shuman (2), Bert Schoonover (6), and Richard Baker. Congratulations to all our 2022 PA State Team members!

We had 17 shooters attend the Dixie Grand in North Carolina recently and eleven of them carted home 41 trophies. Leading our contingent was Deborah Ohye-Neilson (13) and Wesley Beaver (5) with both earning category HAA and Debbie also capturing category HOA. Our other PA winners were Don Neilson Jr (4), Don Feeg (2), Frank Pascoe (4), Randy Parson (4), Cathy Parson (2), Sheldon Hostetter, Tony Nunes (3), Randy Krick (2), and Tyler Nunes. Congratulations to all our shooters!

With regret, I have to report on the passing of John Brown from Doylestown PA. John started shooting registered targets in 1971 and shot regularly at PSSA and many of the local clubs in southeast PA and New Jersey. Always pleasant and willing to offer help, John will be missed by many of us. Condolences go out to the family and friends of John. Steve Ross Pennsylvania Alternate Delegate

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