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2022 Winter Update

Before we know it, the 2022 shooting season will be upon us. Planning and organizing for the coming year has been taking place for several months and some changes have been announced. The most recent change has been the dates of the Westy Hogans event being moved up to August. Changes to the Westy have been discussed for several years by previous and current executive committees and amongst shooters. Since the Westy Hogans has been hosted by the PSSA, the dates have been the weekend after Labor Day. Shooters that have attended also seen the issues with holding a shoot in September…...staffing the line.

We are fortunate to have some of the best scorers and loaders in the country to run PSSA shoots. However, we also are unfortunate that the overwhelming majority of our line employees are students and school is back in session during the Westy Hogans. Most of those students are active in sports and other extra-curricular activities which prevents them from being able to work on Friday and Saturday. The solution has always been to ask for volunteers from the shooters to staff the line. This has become an issue as well. Shooters come to Elysburg to enjoy trapshooting, not to worry about if there will be a scorer when they shoot or if the trap will run empty when it’s their turn to shoot. We were fortunate this year and got through the events and were fortunate last year as COVID prevented students from attending school. Not so much in 2019 when there were not enough employees nor volunteers to staff even six banks which required the cancellation of an event. An unfortunate event that we do not want repeated. The most logical conclusion is that the event must be moved from its current date.

Searching for an ideal date was even more difficult as it must be when our employees are available. Most schools start classes the last full week in August, this year most schools started the week of August 23. The ideal week would have been the weekend before Labor Day, but we would still have the same issues as the current dates. We have local clubs that depend on Labor Day weekend for some of their larger shoots and that would defeat the purpose of the PSSA. That leaves the week after the Grand American.

Some improvements have taken place and others are planned for the spring before the opening of the facility.

 The electric panel has been upgraded in the upper campground to help provide more reliable service.

 Lower campground roads are planned to be redone in the spring.

 Areas of the travel road from the top lines to the bottom lines will be evaluated in the spring for repairs.

 Additional electric upgrades will start taking place next year in the campgrounds.

These are some of the larger projects that have or will be taking place in addition to many smaller projects. As time and money permit, more projects will be added for completion.

Some program additions are being planned which include added money, gun options, and other options. More information will be communicated as these items develop. Krieghoff International and Allems Guncraft have committed to sponsor the Krieghoff Challenge again this year, which will take place on Friday of the PA State Shoot.

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