2021 Grand American

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Congratulations 2021 Grand American PA Shooters!

At the top of the list were Debbie Ohye-Neilson, Chris Vendel, and William Ross. Debbie led all PA shooters with 20 Lady II trophies, which included the Class Doubles, Champion of Champions, HAA and HOA. Chris secured the HAA Championship with a 395, and Shoot-offs, to cap off his Sub-Vet Wins in the Class Doubles, Grand Handicap, HOA and trophies in7 other events. William Ross made a strong showing in the Chair Category with Wins in the Challenger Handicap, Grand Handicap and HOA along with 9 other trophies.

During Grand week, Clare Schaffer won the Junior Category with her first 200 in the Class Singles. The Schaffer Family fared well with Mary, Dan and Don Jr securing a combined total of 8 trophies during the 2 weeks. In the President’s Handicap, Kim Bateman broke the 100 and won Lady II after shooting for the Event win. In addition Bill Plunkett won Sub-Vet and Joseph Breck IV won Sub Jr. During the Champion of Champions Stephanie Wrisley broke her first 100 and won Lady I, while Nicholas Wertz took home the Junior trophy. Tyler Hasbrouck won the Junior Gold during the Challenger Handicap for his 2nd Trophy at the Grand. Taylor Hansen and Patrick Young took home the Lady I and Sub Jr trophies in the Grand Handicap to round out the week.

In addition, 21 other PA shooters shot their way to Trophies: Ian (5) and Ken Darroch (2), Criona (2) and Brendan (1) Doorly, Cooper Nystrom (2), Cody Davis (3), Lisa Long (2), James Singer (1), Cody Rahn (1), Donna (1) and Bill (2) Natcher, Joel Etchen (1), Paul Harvey (1), Tony Nunes (1), Bruce Schmidt (1), Chance Chase (2), Mario Dimascia (1), Doug Worrell (1), and John Koschoff (1), Robyn Bird, Marcy Plunkett(2).

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