PSSA Financial Report from Treasurer Bert Schoonover

PSSA Pat Trap Financial Facts

The close of the fiscal year, December 31st, is on the horizon for the PSSA, An immediate priority for the PSSA Executive Committees to pay down or pay off the cost of that initiative as soon as practically possible. The financial facts associated with the purchase of 53 Pat Traps for the Elysburg home grounds is as follows:

  • Pat Trap Cost – $454,316.00
  • Sale of the Super Stars – $188,000.00
  • Donations – $161,480.00
  • Current Pat Trap Loan Balance – $104,836.00

The Loan supporting the unfunded balance of the Pat Trap purchase is through the Northwest Savings Bank. It is a Line of Credit at a Variable Interest Rate. Interest payments are approximately $6,100.00 per year at the present time.

The PSSA is fortunate to possess many loyal patrons in addition to to supporting Clubs and other organizations. Perhaps there are some among this network who could be interested in an IRS Tax Deduction for 2017 through a donation toward the retirement of the Pat Trap debt. It is not to late to take this important step. The new Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association now possesses a 501 3C tax designation. Gifts to the PSSA are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. When a donation is made to the PSSA the Executive Director, Skip Klinger, will immediately author a letter to the donor for their tax records identifying the amount gifted. It is important to note no gift is too small to be appreciated by the PSSA. Another donor option that would be considered is a pledge in some amount specified by the donor.

The PSSA understands not all of our friends are able to make a donation at this time and take advantage of the tax implications. But, hopefully, there are some who could consider such an option. If more information is required contact Executive Director Klinger.

Skip Klinger

PSSA Treasurer,
Bert Schoonover