Squadding & Cashiering Instructions

Early Classification, Squadding, Cashiering & Practice

PSSA will open a limited number of windows at Classification, Squadding and Cashiering on the evening prior to the opening day of all tournaments except for the PA Grand.

Keystone Open / Westy Hogans
5:00 PM until 7:00 PM
Closing Promptly at 7:00 PM

Colonial Classic
6:00 PM until 8:00 PM
Closing Promptly at 8:00 PM
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM is dedicated time for AIM & SCTP Shooters ONLY

Pre-Squadding confirmation will be available during these times at the self-service terminals.

In addition, we will have BANK 6 open for practice from 4:00 PM until closing at each of the above events.