Pre-Squadding 2019

Pre-Squadding Instructions
Pre-Squad Forms are at the back of the PSSA Program.
Online Pre-Squadding is available at:

Pre-squad requests will be accepted at any time. Forms postmarked on or before the deadline for each shoot will be given equal priority. All requests postmarked after the deadline will be processed by date of postmark.

Keystone Open – May 1, 2019
Colonial Classic/State Shoot – May 26, 2019
PA Grand – June 16, 2019
Westy Hogans – August 25, 2019

Pre-Squadding Details:

The non-refundable service charge of $2.00 per position, per event, must be included with your request form.

In Handicap Events there shall be no more than two (2) yards difference per squad. If 18, 19 or 20-yard shooters are in a squad, it is strongly suggested that there be no more than one (1) yard difference between adjacent shooters in the squad.

A shooter may only draw one position per event. Any shooters wishing to squad together must fill out only one form indicating the shooters full name, ATA number and handicap yardage on the line indicating which position that shooter wishes to shoot.

Applications for full or partial squads that do not have each shooter’s information completely and properly filled out will not be honored. Multiple forms for any individual will be discarded and will not be refunded. The first form encountered for an individual will be the only one processed.

In an effort to avoid unused positions, it is imperative that you either cashier or release all positions that you have pre-squadded for prior to the event. Anyone that does not cashier or release positions that have been pre-squadded in their name will risk having any or all subsequent pre-squadded positions in their name released by management. You may call the office at (570) 672-9747 to have your position(s) released if you are unable to attend.


Telephone requests will not be honored.

Please enclose check for the total amount of the service charge made payable to PSSA.
Mail to:
PSSA Pre-Squadding
P.O. BOX 303
Elysburg, PA 17824

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