Grand American Results – 2017

With another Grand in the books, 27 PA shooters took home trophies this year.

Leading the way with 19 was Debbie Ohye-Neilson. She had Lady II wins in the Winchester Class Singles, Clever Ammunition Handicap, Kubota Doubles, Federal Doubles Championship, EZ Go HAA, and Prize Possessions HOA. Her jusband and PA ATA Alternate Delegate Don Neilson won 6 Sub-Vet Trophies during both weeks.

New PA resident Chris Vendel secured 10 Sub-Vet trophies including the Winchester Class Singles and Prize Possessions HOA.

PA shooter Criona Doorly had a great 2 weeks and won 6 trophies. This included Lady II RU in the Remington Grand American Handicap.

PA Junior shooter Luke Cowart won 5 Trophies including the Kubota Doubles, RU in Federal Doubles Championship. Also 3rd’s in Winchester Class Singles and Browning Clay Target Championship.

Ian Fleming came close to going 3 for 3 with a win in the Browning Clay Target Championship. He ended up Junior Gold Champion after previously winning the PA State and ATA Eastern Zone Singles Championships.

Other PA shooters with trophy counts are:

4 – Cody Davis

3 – Evan Mood, Peggy Carney

2 – Christian Koerbler, Frank Pascoe, Bethany Breighner, Daniel Rodgers, Ken Darroch, and Doug Worrell

1 – Wayne Kreisel, Steve Huber, Genevieve Davis, Don Schaffer Jr, Ian Darroch, Dave Dubble, Daniel Bossio, Robyn Bird, John Manning, Sam Lubich, Adam Stefkovich and Kay-Lynn Hamilton.


Complete 2017 Grand Results

Eastern Zone Results

Congratulations to all the Winners this past week at the ATA Eastern Zone Championships hosted by the PSSA.

PA State Singles Champion, Ian Fleming, added the Zone Singles Championship to his resume with a lone 200. John Kirksey was Runner-up with a 199 and extras.

Robert Nihtila Jr won the Doubles Championship with 100 in the program and was Runner-up in the HAA.

Past Doubles Champion, and 2017 HAA winner, Peter Tsementzis, was Runner-up with 99 and extras.

The Handicap again needed perfection to win and was secured by Raymond Bagley Jr.

Ian Darroch was Runner-up with 97 and also won the HOA with 978. His Father Ken Darroch was Runner-up with a 971.

Complete 2017 Eastern Zone Results

New Webmaster

The Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association would like to announce that Jeff Graupp will take over the duties as the new webmaster of our web site.

A Note From Skip Klinger

Our PSSA website has long been lifted as first rate, cream of the crop, top notch …well, you get the idea. The PSSA website has been the premier trapshooting website in the United States and we have Richard C. Hamilton to thank for that. In February of 1999, Richard started the website and we’ve never looked back. Routinely, Mr. Hamilton added something new. From historical information to little known fact to pictures from Dennis Spancake and Blue Dog Imaging – we could always be sure to find something interesting along with, of course, shoot results.

In addition to his longtime commitment to the PSSA website, Richard was the driving force behind our own Hall of Fame. As one of the premier state Halls of Fame, we can thank Richard for the room design, the acquisition of many artifacts, and the ongoing honoring of our finest inductees.

A top shooter, Richard has been named to the ATA Chairshooter All American Team four out of the past five years and has won more than won 44 major chairshooter titles in Pennsylvania, Maine, and the Eastern Zone. Richard now enjoys spending time on his farm in Fleetwood and at his antique shop at Renninger’s Antiques in Kutztown. We are grateful for all that you have done, Richard, and we wish you well.

Skip Klinger
Director, Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Asso.

End Of The Line

Moving forward from today, I have decided that now would be the best time to retire my association as web master of this web site. I conceived this site from the very beginning, back some 18 plus years ago. It is now time for “new blood” to continue the information flowing from the Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association to the trapshooting community of Pennsylvania and for that matter the entire ATA community. Viewers from all over America, as well as the Keystone State, continue to view this web site daily.

I wish to thank the entire board of directors, especially Skip Klinger and Chuck Fritzges, for their support through the years. All I did was chronicle all the work they did. I take great pride for what I accomplished with this web site but I take greater pride in the Hall of Fame. which I started many years ago. It is now in good hands.

2017 Keystone Open – May 19-21, 2017

The 27th Keystone Open is now in the books. Robert Malmstedt of Somerville, NY won his second singles title on Saturday with a 200 straight. Evan Wood also broke a 200 straight in the event. Justin Slater broke a field high of 100×100 to win the doubles title. Justin is a two time singles champion. Jordan Smith of West Sunbury won the handicap crown, breaking a 96 from 25 yards. Eight gunners turn in scores of 96×100. Luke Cowart won the HAA while Kie Kababik won the HOA. Every event in the tournament saw increased entries from last year.

PA Hall of Fame Exempt Status Donations Now Tax Deductable

The most common type of US tax-exempt nonprofit organization falls under category 501(c)(3), whereby a nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income tax if its activities have the following purposes: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety and fostering amateur sports like trapshooting.

Your donations to the Pennsylvania Trapshooting Hall of Fame are now tax deductable.