2020 PA State Shoot – June 10 Official Announcement




The Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association (PSSA) is committed to providing a safe and healthy facility for our workers, vendors, shooting patrons and their families. To ensure we have a safe and healthy facility, we have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (the Plan) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Managers and workers are all responsible for implementing this Plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 at our facility and communities, and that requires full cooperation among our workers, management, shooting patrons and their families. Only through this cooperative effort can we establish and maintain the safety and health of our workers and facility.

Management and workers are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of this Plan. PSSA managers and supervisors have our full support in enforcing the provisions of this policy.

Our workers are our most important assets. We are serious about safety and health and keeping our workers working at PSSA. Worker involvement is essential in developing and implementing a successful Plan. We have involved workers from classification, squadding, cashiering, food service and general facilities in this process. Our Plan follows guidelines and recommendations issued by PA Department of Health as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These guidelines and recommendations are appended to and incorporated by reference into this Plan. The Plan addresses:


            -hygiene and respiratory etiquette

            -engineering and administrative controls for social distancing

            -cleaning, disinfecting, decontamination and ventilation

            -communications and training that will be provided to managers and workers

            -management and supervision necessary to ensure effective implementation of the Plan

            -communication and instruction to shooting patrons and their families



The PSSA recognizes that the classification, squadding and cashiering for a shoot would be the most challenging portion to comply with social distancing guidelines.  In order to reduce social distancing challenges we offer and encourage shooters to utilize pre-classification and pre-squadding. We also ask shooters to be prepared with their plastic ATA card and source of payment when they cashier. If paying by check, a check payable to PSSA and completed with the exact amount of the entry will save time and reduce exposure. We will provide hand sanitizers at the designated entry points to the registration building. Also, MASKS MUST BE WORN at all times when in the registration building. The number of individuals within the registration building will be limited in accordance with published guidelines. When not in the registration building we strongly encourage everyone to engage in responsible social distancing.



All vendors leasing space at the PSSA facility are required to become familiar and comply with this Plan as it is presented on the PSSA website. The Plan includes previously referenced published guidelines. These vendors offer services to shooters and attendees in outside space.



Food services will be provided on a “take out” basis from the Registration Building. All food should be consumed outside of the Registration building. Practicing social distancing when placing your food order and waiting for its delivery is imperative. Appropriate safety dividers between food service workers and customers will be in place in the food service area.



All workers will be informed of this Plan and will be encouraged to self monitor. If they feel sick or are experiencing symptoms they are not to report to work. Scorers will be required to wear masks when they are handling score sheets with the shooters. All workers will be required to observe good hygiene practices such as hand washing and respiratory etiquette.



During the actual shooting for the event, maintaining social distancing is easy to accomplish. On a shooting pad the competitors never shoot at a position that is closer than 9 feet from another competitor.  Competitors are reminded to practice social distancing when using the shelters and moving from one field to an adjacent field. Trophy pick-up will be available at an outside designated table after all event winners have been determined.




The camp grounds at the PSSA facility are expansive and will require those attending the shoot to be responsible for observing all published guidelines including social distancing. It is the goal of the PSSA to provide an outdoor recreation entertainment event that adheres to all National, State and local guidelines and regulations.



Currently the scheduled Ladies events, such as, Bingo, Shopping and Casino trips are being reviewed to see if they can be safely conducted while adhering to published guidelines and practices.



Current plans are to hold all Hall of Fame activities such as Hall of Fame Inductions/Trapshooter of the Year/State Team Awards on the front porch where we can utilize the large outdoor area that is available.  The PSSA Annual Meeting will also be held on the front porch.

PSSA PA Dept of Health Recommendations PSSA PA Dept of Health COVID Safety Procedures for Busineses PSSA CDC Guidance



Michael A. Schuler

PSSA President

Skip Klinger

Executive Director