March 2020 Newsletter

Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association

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Skip Klinger – Executive Director PSSA



News Letter                                                                                                                March 2020


With the middle of March upon us, we hope and pray the opening of Elysburg is very near.  Many changes are in the making, and the COVID 19 virus is on everyone’s mind!  PSSA has not cancelled any shoots at this time and we will continue to monitor the situation.  Please stay tuned for information via our website and Facebook page.  It is my intention to have a short meeting and sign up for the new loader’s and scorers on Saturday April 4, and Marion will begin training on April 13. We will carry on from there.

Some of the other changes that I am working on are as follows:  Many of you knew that our good friend and line supervisor Moe Kephart passed away in January, and will be missed by us all.  I have a commitment from Glenn Kelly to be our new line supervisor on banks 1-4.  Glenn will be a great asset not only to PSSA, but the shooters on banks 1-4.  Mark Hoffman has decided he would like to do more shooting, and so, we will need a new trap mechanic.  Thank you, Mark for your years of service to PSSA and the wealth of knowledge you passed along.  Spear Proukou has also decided to retire after thirty years of service to PSSA.  We certainly owe Spear a great deal of gratitude for all he has done for us over the years.  All will be missed, but the shoots must go on and as you probably already know, the only constant in this world is change.  Anyone interested in either of the two open positions, please contact me.

Next month, we will be fixing many of the problem spots in the roads, parking lots and camp grounds as possible.  This is a situation that is overdue and will be addressed before we open for the shoots this year. We appreciate everyone’s concern and patience in fixing the problem.

Due to a generous donation by an anonymous donor we will be automating bank 6 with the LongRANGE target system.  What that means is the shooters can buy practice targets at the Customer Service Desk and can shoot practice on Bank 6 by swiping a provided card in the reader.  This will allow us to have more availability for practice at any time, and for longer hours.  More information to come and the system is due to be installed by the end of April 2020.

All of the permits and plans have been approved for the first three phases of the Sporting Clays area.  We have eight contactors who are interested in bidding on this portion of the project.  They need to return their bids to us by June first with an anticipated start date of September one. With good weather, fund raising success and the country returning to normal, we could be shooting sporting clays by November!

The Grant process is in full mode and we have received grants from the, R.K. Mellon Family Foundation, Thomas G. & Nancy H. Burkey Fund of the Franklin County Foundation, Northwest Charitable Foundation and Dick Mills Sportsmen Club Liquidation.  We have also received donations from trap shooters and our Executive Committee members.  To date we have received a total from these sources of $144,225.00.  It is with much appreciation that I say thank you! We have a number of other grants that are in the pipeline and they are: NRA National Grant, PennDOTMultimodal Grant, RACP State Economic Development Grant, R.K. Mellon Foundation, Murry Gerber Foundation and NSSF Club Grant.  There will be additional grants submitted in 2020 by Aspire Grant and Development LLC of Somerset, PA.

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a very prosperous spring and hope you all remain safe in these trying times.  This too shall pass and as Americans we always overcome. Please continue to shoot as much as possible and support your local clubs.  Our local clubs in Pennsylvania are the life blood of PSSA and the ATA.  We need to do everything we can by supporting them as much as possible!  Thank you.


Best Wishes,

Skip Klinger

Executive Director