Notice from ATA Regarding Registered Shoots!



Important Notice

There has been some confusion regarding ATA Registered Shoots and their requirements.  So, as a friendly reminder, I wanted to reach out to all of you and go over the different types of shoots with you and the requirements for each one.  These requirements can also be found in the ATA Rulebook if you would like to look at them in their entirety.  


As per Page 11, Follow up Duties G in the ATA Rulebook, “All shoot results and payments must be received within eight calendar days following the last day of the shoot to avoid a $25 late shoot report fine for the first offense.”  Shoots cannot be processed until a payment is received, with the postmark of the payment being the received date of the shoot.


General Requirements for all ATA Registered Shoots


-All shoots must be registered in advance and approved by your State Secretary. 

This includes Big 50 shoots as well.

-ATA Registered Shoots must have a total of at least 3 shooters per event to qualify as a registered shoot.  Any events that do not meet that requirement will be sent back to the club and targets will not be registered.

-A club may not host a Big 50 and a regular registered shoot on the same day.  (see Big 50 rules below)

Big 50’s (Page 68, Appendix V)


“Big 50 shoots must be specified as such on or near the gun club line on your Shoot Financial Report.”  Regular shooter fees will apply if a notation is not made, and a shortage will be sent out for the remainder of the fees. 

“No more than three fifty target events per day, no more than one of any one discipline (singles, handicap, or doubles).”



-Leagues are shot as singles and doubles disciplines only.  Each discipline is considered its own league, and a separate league fee of $25 as well as shooter fees of $3 per shooter per league applies for each league held.  

To view the rulebook online, please click the button below. 

For any questions, you can contact:


Candice Gaertner
Gun Club Liaison
618-449-2224 ext 101

ATA Official Rulebook