2019 Westy Hogan and CZ Shoot-Off

Wanted to remind everyone about the CZ Shoot-Off on Saturday September 7th and that we’ll be open on Thursday September 5th from 5-7pm. In addition Bank 6 will be open for practice from 4-7pm. Also, with Schools back in, we’ll be looking to fill some holes for Scorers/Loaders. Please contact Skip Klinger if you’re able to Help.

Hoping that Mother Nature cooperates and hope to see you all there!!



The CZ Shoot-Off

Saturday, September 7


CZ-USA has graciously donated a CZ American Trap Combo. This event will be open to all eligible shooters who participate in Event #3 CZ-USA Singles.

Event Rules

  1. Shooters must participate in and complete the event. Entrants must meet all target requirements for the Westy Hogan, as stated in the program, prior to entry for Event #4. Shooters assigned “Penalty Class” for this event will be eligible. Shooters who choose to shoot “TARGETS ONLY” are not eligible.
  1. Upon completion of the event, PSSA representatives will publicly and randomly select ONE number from zero to nine. The drawing will be held in the PSSA main Building.  Unduly delayed make-ups will be disqualified from participating in the promotion for that event.
  1. Be sure to check your scores promptly. For purposes of these promotions, no score will be changed after the numbers are drawn.
  1. Eligible shooters with a score from this event, ending in the number selected will be eligible for the shoot-off.
    1. For example: If the number 2 (two) is drawn, all qualifying participants with a score of 192,182,172, etc. are eligible to compete in the shoot-off.
  1. A time and place for qualifying shooters to register for the shoot-off will be announced over the PA system, posted on the Scoreboard and carried over the TV system. You will be given 3 calls for check-in or forfeit eligibility for Shoot –Off.
  1. At the appropriate time and place, all shooters who have signed up to shoot-off will be called to the shoot-off line and should have their guns and shells ready. Shoot-off participants will be assigned to squads based on the Squad they shot the event, and at the discretion of Shoot-Off Management.
  1. Shoot-off participants will proceed to shoot 2 (two) targets at each post for a total of 10 (ten) targets from the 16 Yard Line. Subsequent Shoot-off rounds will continue from the 19, 21, 23, 25 and 27 Yard until a single winner has been determined.
  1. Decisions made by Shoot Management regarding the above listed rules, or other disputes, shall be final. All decisions will be made in conformity with ATA rules, where applicable.