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 News Letter                                                                                                               August 2019



I hope all is well with our clay targets shooters and as fall barrels towards us with the Westy Hogans just around the corner, I would like to give everyone an update at this time.

It was a very good Grand this year and numbers were about the same as they have been for the past years.  I was honored to represent PA as your Executive Director and your ATA Delegate.   The annual board meeting was uneventful and there was not any earth shattering news.  Only the standard rule change clean ups that occur every year.  It was also my honor to accept the PSSA Mega Target award for 2018 from White Flyer.  We were third in the country and continue to be a leader in this ATA program.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our ATA shoots in Elysburg last year and this year. 

Please be aware that we the PSSA will be going back to the old rule for classification penalties for the 2020 state shoot.  That means that current target requirements will be added back into the penalty requirements.  Please see the new program when it is printed for specific details or ask me.  This was voted on and passed at our annual meeting in June.

Now let me bring you up to date on the North East Shooting complex.  I believe that our trap shooters are understanding where and why we need to expand our programs to include all shotgun clay target sports.  As I explained to those in attendance at our annual June meeting during the state shoot, we understand that the PSSA was built as a registered trap shooting association.  However, that structure no longer pays all the bills as our base continues to get older and some unfortunately pass away. The attendance has not changed much, but a larger number no longer shoot or shoot substantially less than they used to.  Think about it and I bet you can think of a number of shooters over the past 3 to 5 years who no longer shoot or shoot a lot less.  They cannot shoot 300 targets a day and may only shoot 100 or none at all.  That combined with the rather unpredictable weather the past two years, has made a big difference in the bottom line.  Although we have made great strides in our Junior Trap program, we must move forward and build new venues that will produce more targets in the air and add revenue to produce the required results that we need to be a viable association.

We are on the cusp of breaking out.  We have many targets in the air, such as an economic development, NRA, PPL, and NSSF grants that we are working on.  We have received a grant from the Thomas G & Nancy H. Burkey Fund of the Franklin County Foundation, R.K. Mellon Foundation, Northwest Charitable Foundation Inc. and a number of individual trap shooters.  Mike Schuler and I are also meeting with a number of interested folks in the clay target shooting industry and working on funding proposals with many of our supporters, both corporate and individual.  The sporting clays plans have been submitted by our engineers to the township and we should know shortly where we stand there!  It is still our plan to break ground this fall on the sporting clays area!

In closing, I would like to ask for your help.  We do have a number of folks who have offered to help and I would like to thank them.  I would also like to ask anyone who would be interested in helping us to spread the word of our North East Shooting complex or to speak about our project to other people, please see me or Mike.  I would also like to ask that everyone who is part of the PSSA family consider a donation to the Northeast Shooting complex.  You can designate the use if you wish or your donation can be used anywhere in the expansion.  Here are two ideas that you may not have thought about.  One is Planned Giving.  I have been approached by a couple who do not have any children and would like to leave their estate to the PSSA upon their passing.  I will be working with their attorney in the near future and thank them from the bottom of my heart!  The second idea is qualified money.  This could be your IRA, 401k, pension plan, 403b, SEP IRA, HR10 or any before tax dollars.  You are permitted by IRS tax code to donate up to 100,000 dollars from your qualified plans that go directly to the charity, NO 1099!!  We also have folks who donate their Minimum Distribution from their IRA every year. 

Hope to see you in Elysburg for the Westy and thank you for allowing me to work for you!


Best Wishes,

Skip Klinger

Executive Director/ATA Delegate