November Newsletter

Pa State Shotgunning Association, Inc.

News Letter                                                                             November 2018

I had promised to start writing a newsletter for PSSA and this is our first one. My intent is to inform our shooters of where we are in our current affairs and then to enlighten you as to our progress for the N. E. Shooting complex.I would like to start by thanking all of our Trap Shooters for their attendance this year. The rain did make it difficult at times and was challenging to say the least. Hopefully, next year the weather will cooperate better. Speaking of next year, this is what will be on the schedule for 2019. The Keystone open is May 17 – 19 and will be sponsored by Caesar Guerini. The state shoot is June 8 – 16 and we will continue to have the Krieghoff Challenge on Friday the 14th. Thanks to Dieter Krieghoff and his generosity! The Pa Grand is 5 – 7, with the Breast Cancer Charity event on the 4th. The Pa Grand will be sponsored by Beretta and we will give away a Beretta A400. The ATA Eastern Zone is July 17 – 21 and we will give away a Kolar combo on Fridays Handicap, thanks to Kolar and Elite Shotguns! We will finish our trap shooting season with the Westy Hogans on September 6 – 8 and the sponsor will be CZ-USA. Please note that I have not finalized the gun give away with Caesar Guerini and CZ-USA. I will let you know when that happens and what the details are. Hope to see everyone in 2019.

The North East Shooting complex’s initial meetings and Sporting Clays drawings are now complete. I have spent time with an engineer and many funding parties over the past several months. We have also tackled the chore of a proposed cost based upon the information gathered and developing a plan. The basic idea is to build a sporting clays course in a circle layout, in the bottom woods. We would like to start with three courses of 16 stations per course. This will not affect the trap line at all and will enhance our ability to be open all year instead of only 22 days per year. The cost of this first phase to completion is approximately $2,000,000 and we have started on the Grant and fundraising opportunities. The second phase is to pave all of our existing roads and parking areas from top to bottom and to refurbish our existing club house. This would include the addition of air and heat plus cosmetic upgrades such as new paint, particularly inside. This expenditure is approximately $500,000.

The third phase is probably some type of vendor building’s and then a way to add some Skeet houses. We have estimated that this cost will be approximately $500,000 also.

In closing, I would like to thank your Executive Committee for all their hard work and also all the folks who have volunteered on the N. E. Shooting Complex committee. I would also like to invite anyone who may be interested in helping us raise some funds or provide valuable input, to please contact me so we can discuss your ideas. We would like to have a meeting in the spring, probably at the Keystone? This would be open to anyone that is interested in our progress and certainly any of our club delegates. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to a very prosperous 2019!

Skip Klinger

Executive Director