2018 Grand American Results

With the 2018 Grand American in the books, PSSA would like to Congratulate all the Winners from PA.

During the Preliminary Days, Deborah Ohye-Neilson led all Shooters with 18 Trophies. Frank Pascoe won 5 and Don Neilson, Luke Cowart and Don Schaffer Jr, who also won the Kolar HAA Shoot-Out, had 4 each. Dave Dubble brought home 2, and John Pettibone,  Jack Noftz, Donna Natcher, George Landis III, Genevieve Davis, John Supensky, Peggy Carney, KayLynn Bornman, Butch Bornman, Corre Smith, Criona Doorly, Chris Vendel, Ken Darroch, Celeste Moore, Tim Tarbuk, and Cody Davis all won a Trophy. In the National Team Race, the Team of Deborah Ohye-Neilson, Genevieve Davis and Peggy Carney were Lady II Champions, and the team of Chris Vendel, Frank Pascoe and Steven Miller won 3rdPlace in Sub-Veteran.

During Grand week, 42 Trophies were secured by PA, led by PA State Singles Champion, Brandon Deal, winning the Champion of Champions! Below is a list, by event of all the rest!!!

Event #15 Winchester Class Singles

  • Lonnie Sproull Class B 3rd
  • Peggy Carney Class C 4th
  • Spear Proukou Sr Vet Champion                                         

Event #17 Downrange Wads Class Doubles

  • Gary Ehasalu Class A Champion
  • John DiFabio Class C Runner-up
  • Deborah Ohye Neilson Lady II Champ
  • Kim Bateman Lady II 3rd
  • Luke Cowart Junior Champ
  • Chris Vendel Sub-Veteran Runner-up

Event #20 Kubota Doubles

  • Deborah Ohye-Neilson LD Runner-up
  • Luke Cowart Junior Champion
  • Ken Darroch Sub-Veteran Champ

Event #22 ATA Doubles Championship

  • Ian Darroch Class AAA Champion
  • Corre Smith Class A Champion
  • Tim Tarbuk Class C 3rd
  • Lisa Long Lady II Champion
  • Deborah Ohye-Neilson Lady II Runner-up
  • Chris Vendel Sub-Veteran 3rd

High all Around

  • Cody Davis Class A 3rd
  • Bethany Breighner Lady I 3rd
  • Deborah Ohye-Neilson Lady II Champion
  • Peggy Carney Lady II Runner-up

High Over All 2600

  • Deborah Ohye-Neilson Lady II Champion

Event #16 President Jim Jones Handicap

  • Tim Tarbuk 25-26.5 Yard Group Champion
  • KayLynn Bornman Lady II Champ
  • Peggy Carney Lady II Runner-up
  • Clare Schaffer Sub-Junior Champ
  • Luke Cowart Junior Runner-up

Event # 18 Champion of Champions

  • Brandon Deal Open Champion
  • Paul Harvey Veteran Champion

Event #19 Clever Ammunition Handicap

  • Don Schaffer Jr Event 6th
  • Deborah Ohye-Neilson Lady II 3rd

Event #21 ATA Clay Target Championship

  • Brandon Deal Class AAA Champion
  • Ian Darroch Class AAA 5th
  • Paul Harvey Veteran Champion

Event #23 Preliminary Handicap

  • Corre Smith Junior 3rd

Event #24 Grand American Handicap

  • Jared Hanna Event 6th Place
  • Criona Doorly Lady II Runner-up

High Over All

  • Clare Schaffer Class C Runner-up
  • Deborah Ohye-Neilson Lady II Champion
  • Peggy Carney Lady II Runner-up
  • Luke Cowart Junior Runner-up

In the Special Teams Race during the Clay Target Championships, Don and Deborah Neilson were the Husband/Wife Runner-up’s, and Deborah was also the Parent/Child Runner-up along with her Father Kay Ohye. Ian and Ken Darroch were 3rdin the Parent/Child as well as Don and Daniel Schaffer in the Sibling/Sibling.