Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association

2016 saw the successful transition from the old PSSA (Pennsylvania State Sportsmen’s Association) to the new PSSA (Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association). You may ask what is that all about? I am going to hopefully shed some light on that subject in the next few paragraphs.

Our new corporation is a 501c3 tax exempt entity. That means that we no longer have to pay Federal and State income tax and any donation that is given to the PSSA is now tax deductible to the donor, within the limits of the IRS regulations. With that exemption comes additional scrutiny and the need to be very good at keeping records. We need to be diligent that all transactions are above board and transparent in nature.

This change also allows us to become the Northeast Shooting Complex. We can build a Sporting Clays complex along with Skeet Fields. This will open all kinds of additional opportunities and allow us to possibly operate all year long. We will be able to bring in Corporate Trap, Sporting Clay and Charity events.

This will require a lot of hard work and fundraising by me and our members along with the generosity of our shooters and corporate sponsors. The manner in which a gift can be made include, but are not limited to, a gift of money, stock, real estate, guns, bequest or any type of property owned by someone. The person or the estate receives the tax deduction. There is also Planned Giving. This is the planning of one’s estate and in that plan the person leaves part or all of their estate to the PSSA upon their death. I worked with this type of planning during the 32 years I was in the Insurance and Investment business. So if you have any questions I would be more than happy to discuss this with anyone who may have an interest or questions.

The other source is donations from foundations that are willing to give money to shooting program or projects. We would like to thank the R. K. Mellon Foundation for their generous gift of $20,000.00 towards the purchase of our PAT Traps. This brings our PAT Trap debt down to $112,000.00. The first order of business is to get this debt paid off. I would be delighted to have help with the fundraising from anyone who has experience in this or would like to help! Please come and see me or anyone on the Executive Committee. Thank you for being a member of the ATA and the PSSA!

Skip Klinger Executive Director