Update on North East Shooting Complex – 12/26/20


The PSSA was informed yesterday by Rep. Kurt Masser that it be receiving a $1,000,000 grant through the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. The grant will be used to construct a Sporting Clays course and various improvements to the Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association Homegrounds. We would like to thank our sponsors: Pa. State Senator John Gordner and Pa. State Representative Kurt Masser for their continuing support of this project. We would also like to thank Michael Schuler, Skip Klinger, Tom Burkey, Paul Perlstein and Aspire LLC for their work, and last but not least, the Executive Committee of the PSSA . We are extremely excited for the future of the PSSA and what this grant will provide.



ELYSBURG – In a year when a worldwide pandemic has affected virtually everyone on the planet, good news has tended to be scarcer than hen’s teeth.

Yet two days before Christmas, an unexpected phone call to Ken Darroch gave the Aliquippa resident a million reasons to smile.

On the other end of the phone was State Rep. Kurt A. Masser, R-107, whose district includes the grounds of the Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association, part of the Valley Gun and Country Club.

Masser told Darroch, the first-year president of the PSSA that the organization was approved for a $1 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program grand to assist in the proposed expansion of the facilities in Elysburg to include a new sporting clays shooting range.

“It was very unexpected,” Darroch said when reached by phone Wednesday night. “We got what we asked for, very surprisingly. I didn’t think we would get anything, honestly.”

Darroch had good reason. The PSSA’s initial grant request last year was not approved, and the association was told that no more money would be allocated in 2019.

Darroch said he had since learned that $300 million had been awarded to just 43 percent of the 490 organizations which applied for the funds.

Although the original proposed project has been scaled down from its original form, Darroch said the grant will allow the organization to do the first phase of the planned six-phase project and it will be done in small steps.

“We will see how successful it is and we’ll build on it,” he said. “If we get the funds, we will make improvements. That’s the way it’s been done for 100 years.”

He said, “A million dollars will help us build a sporting clays course and do some improvements to the grounds and the club house, but (the project) will not be on the scale that it was originally proposed.”

He said it would start with building a road (more specially a cart path) for the shooting clays course. Although a timetable for the project will depend upon the time it takes to complete the process necessary to ultimately get the money, it would be possible for construction to begin in late spring or early summer.

He said that four companies had already submitted bids for the work before the grant fell through.

If all goes well, Darroch said, “I think we could be shooting on it this year.”

Darroch explained that all the trap machines for sporting clays run off car batteries so no wiring is required, and there is no plumbing work involved.

The club’s grounds, off Route 487 in Ralpho Township, hosts several major shoots every year on its 215 acres, most significantly the Pennsylvania State Trapshoot which attracts competitors from numerous eastern states and even other countries. The shoot runs over 11 days.

The award of the grant from the Northumberland County Industrial Authority through RACP, came in a joint announcement from State Sen. John R. Gordner, R-27, Berwick, and Masser.

“This is a great project that will add many jobs and infuse millions of dollars into our local economy,” Gordner said in a statement.

Add Masser in a statement, “Upon completion, this will be a destination facility. PSSA will have the capability of hosting year-round events and national tournaments.”

PSSA 2021 State Teams

2021 Open Team (Men’s, Jr.Gold & Sub Vet)

                                                Singles       Handicap   Doubles     Composite

Ian Darroch-Captain              98.46         93.7            97.35         96.5*

Chris Vendel                           99.16         93.06         95.38         95.86*

Luke Cowart                           98.33         90.84         96.02         95.13*

Brandon Deal                         99.34         91.71          93.83         94.96

Donald Schaffer Jr.                98.1            91.81         94.96         94.96*

Ken Darroch                           97.8            89.79         95.81         94.46*

John Manetta II                     97.88         89.79         94.61          94.09

Cody Davis                             95.88         90.92         93.97         93.59

James Lechleitner                  98.36         90.38         91.65         93.46

James Hoffman                      97.31         87.88         94.88         93.35

Steve Miller                           97.64         88.24         92.83         92.9

Jeff Fenton                             98.              89.6            90.8            92.8

Matthew Rebuck                   97.77         88.93         91.5            92.73

Don Neilson Jr.                      97.61         86.96         93.09         92.55

 Doug Worrell                        95.85         88.78         92.75         92.46

Brian James                            97.16         89.96         89.66         92.26

Dennis Cacciola Sr.                97.07         90.32         89.25         92.21

Bill Natcher                            96.62         85.6            92.88         91.7

David Darrough                     96.25         87.54         90.42         91.4

Steve Ross Jr.                         97.12         85.85         91.13         91.36

Elmer Ebling                           96.77         87.43         86.79         90.33

2021 Sub-Jr./Junior Team

Wesley Beaver-Captain         97.03         91.31         93.81         94.05*

Nick Wertz                             98.22         89.33         94.46         94.01*

Jared Ossman                        95.75         88.              93.42         92.39

Kyle Kanuha                           95.65         87.93         93.41         92.33

Clare Schaffer                        96.29         89.7            88.19         91.39*

Braden Heckman                   95.81         90.24         88.32         91.45*

Kurt Willman                         96.17         86               90.22         90.79

Iver Gustafson II                    93.6            89.71         83.3            88.87

Austin Unverdorben             95.15         88.94         82.09         88.73

Joe Breck IV                           89.97         83.5            86.18         86.55

Ladies Team (Lady 1 & Lady2)

                                                Singles       Handicap   Doubles     Composite

Deborah Ohye-Neilson         98.27         90.52          93.16         93.98*

Robyn Bird                             96.44         89.06         87.38         90.96

Marcy Plunkett                      94.54         87.71         88.71         90.32

Stephanie Wrisley                 94.95         90.2            82.94         89.36

Kim Bateman                         94.81         84.65         86               88.48

Diane Arner                            94.28         89.4            81.67         88.45*

Donna Natcher                      94.35         83               84               87.11

Connie Kern                           94.63         85.05         80.78         86.82

Criona Doorly                        96.14         86.15         77.58         86.62*

Genevieve Davis                    88.2            85.33         84.63         86.05*

Celeste Moore                       90.52         85.3            78.2            84.67

Mary Ann Cacciola                91.61         88.15         73               84.25

Michelle Shaffer                    89.21         86.42         76.33         83.98

Carolyn Sukel                         91.28         84.08         70.3            81.88

Veterans Team

Joel Etchen-Captain               97.68         86.54         96               93.4

Jerome Stefkovich                96.67         89.77         93.39         93.27

Frank Pascoe                          97.64         88.64         91.69         92.65*

Larry Shade                            97.64         89.96         89.67         92.42

Rich Stefanacci                      96.77         87.6            88.58         90.98

Randy Krick                            94.72         89.31         85.19         89.74

Thomas Loncynski                 96.1            86.6            86.3            89.66

Charles Austin                       93.05         86.36         86.5            88.63

Phil Boinske Sr.                      94.55         83.68         85               87.74

William Ross                          93.35         88.33         81.26         87.64*

Richard Shaffer                      91.46         87.88         79.4            86.24

Robert Morgan                      85.36         83.84         80.22         83.14

George Ainsworth jr.            84.88         85.22         79.18         83.09

Senior Vet Team                    Singles       Handicap   Doubles     Composite

Sheldon Hostetter- Captain 95.96         86.98         92.55         91.83*

Steve Fitch                             96.51         87.61         89.13         91.08

Clayton Hoffman                   94.95         88.09         85.71         90.56

Rich Long                                93.25         87.28         89.16         89.89

Richard Mills                          95.15         84.17         87.61         88.97

Richard Blatt                          92.23         85.42         87.75         88.46

John DiFabio                          92.41         84.58         86.35         87.78

John Cashman                       92.52         85.25         84.86         87.54

Joe Mizikowski                      94.79         87.89         80               87.46

Mike Poore                            95.95         83.55         82.82         87.44

Luigi Liberato                         95.92         84.19         81.46         87.19

James Caldwell Jr                  95.16         86.78         78.28         86.74

Harlan Gustafson                   92.43         85.64         81.9            86.65

Wayne Shadel                        93.43         83.39         81.46         86.09

Niles Oehrli                            93.53         83.94         79.21         85.56

Red indicates the High Average

          Sue Dunkle                                      91.27 on 1500 targets  

*Indicates ATA All-American

PSSA Fall Update

Fellow Shooters,

I would like to congratulate all of our Pennsylvania shooters who made the ATA All-American Team, as well as our Pennsylvania State Teams. I would also like to congratulate our PA shooters who traveled to both New York for the Northeast Grand and North Carolina for the Dixie Grand. Our shooters yet again brought home numerous trophies and several of the championships at both shoots. Pennsylvania again showed that we have some of the best shooters in the country.

The 2020 Westy Hogan’s  held this past September was a success, although attendance was down slightly over the previous year. With help from volunteers, pullers from New York and Virginia, and our traditional staff of pullers, we had more than enough help to conduct the shoot in a timely and orderly fashion. The PSSA would like to thank both those that helped out and those who attended this event for your support and faith in the organization and we hope to see all of you next spring at the Keystone Open.

In the months since the Westy Hogan’s, the PSSA EC has been working on several key items to improve the shooter experience at the PSSA Homegrounds. We are working on several plans for capital improvements to be funded by the money collected by the lead reclamation done over the past year. Improvements to the clubhouse, parking lots, and electrical improvements to the upper campground are being looked at heavily. We will also be making changes to the trophy package at all PSSA shoots, which will again help in improving the shooter experience at the PSSA. 

In the technology department, the PSSA will be revising the current website heavily, with the revisions appearing around the first of the year. The plan is to integrate many of the features of the old website, as well as improvements suggested by our shooters. We will make a formal announcement when this is complete, so stay tuned. The PSSA is now a member of the Amazon Smile program. It is a program that you can have a portion of your Amazon purchase go to a 501c3. You must go to Smile.Amazon.com and enter the Pennsylvania State Shotgunning Association as the non-profit before you begin shopping.

In the financial department, the PSSA has filed its yearly taxes through the 990-tax form. This has been distributed via email to the PSSA club delegates. If anyone would like a copy of the form, please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you with one. The PSSA is also planning a review of the financials of the organization. 

The PSSA is still waiting on confirmation/denial of grant applications in order to move forward with the Northeast Shooting Complex Sporting Clays. I have been informed by our grant writer, Aspire LLC, that the RACP grant selections will occur before the end of 2020. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to our events this season, especially with the issues created by COVID-19.  We hope that all of you have an enjoyable holiday season, and wish all of you luck if you venture south this winter. Keep an eye out for further updates in the coming months, and we hope to see all of you in May at the Keystone Open!


Ken Darroch

PSSA President

President’s Letter

Fellow Shooters,

The year 2020 was a year of challenges and change for the PSSA. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown of the state, the PSSA was forced to cancel the Keystone Open, traditionally held in May. Despite COVID-19, the State Shoot only experienced a small decline in attendance over 2019 but both the PA Grand and the Summer Championships saw a dramatic increase in attendance over the 2019 events. Lastly, the Westy Hogan, like the State Shoot was only down slightly, and we hope to see an increase in its attendance next year.

There are many more changes in store for the PSSA in the coming months. The lead reclamation was completed in the spring/summer of 2020.  As per the VGCC/ PSSA agreement, this money will be used towards capital improvements. Current plans are improvements to the main clubhouse which would include internal and external renovations, further improvements to the roads within the facility, updated voice-call equipment, electrical improvements to the upper campground, as well as a complete reconstruction of the PSSA website.

We continue to work towards the completion of the Northeast Shooting Complex (NESC), and are awaiting the approval of grants through the state of Pennsylvania, as well as the RK Mellon foundation.

We are still accepting donations as well to fund this project, and if interested you may contact either myself or Manager Chuck Fritzges.

Krieghoff will again be sponsoring the 2021 State shoot with the Krieghoff Challenge in conjunction with the handicap event on Friday of the State shoot. With their generous support, this has become the largest event of our entire shooting season, and one of the largest handicap events in the country, second only to handicap events at the Grand American.

PLEASE NOTE: The final 3 days of the PA State shoot have been restructured for 2021: The Krieghoff

Handicap will be the ONLY event held on Friday. The PSSA annual meeting will take place Friday morning at 8 am with the Krieghoff Handicap and the Krieghoff Challenge to follow at 9 am. The Doubles

Championship is being moved to Sunday morning prior to the Handicap Championship. Saturday will stay the same with the State Singles Championship followed by the Hall of Fame Reception and State Team Recognition. We hope that this will make the events flow smoothly and provide our patrons with a more enjoyable shooting experience.

Again, we want to thank everyone who attended our shoots in 2020, and despite COVID-19 the PSSA had a successful year. We hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season and we hope to see everyone next spring at the 2021 Keystone open in May.

Ken Darroch

PSSA President

2021 Program Ads and Sponsorships

Hello Friends of the PSSA,

Exciting things are happening here at the PSSA and we don’t want you to miss out.  

In 2021, we will be offering three advertisement opportunities:

1.       Ad in this year’s program

2.       Sign on back of the scorers chair

3.       Event Sponsorship

When you purchase one of these options your business’ advertisement will not only be featured in the 2021 program which reaches thousands of shooters, but your company will also be listed on our webpage: www.pssashotgunning.org

Beginning with the Keystone Open up through and including the Westy Hogans, each event will be open for sponsorship.  The sponsorships will be on a first come first serve basis so don’t delay.  If you would like more information or to find out what events are still available, please contact Jeff Graupp.

Since our program is now published in color, we will require that the ads be high resolution, as this will ensure your ad is crisp and clean.   If you advertised last year, please confirm that you wish to use the same ad or provide an updated ad by the deadline below.    

Attached you will find the 2021 PSSA Program Advertisement/Scorer’s Chair Advertisement/Event Sponsorship form, which outlines our current pricing.  To guarantee your advertisement is included in this year’s program, we will need to have the following information no later than Sunday, January 10, 2021. 

·         Completed & signed program advertisement/scorer’s chair advertisement/event sponsorship form

·         High Resolution Ad

·         Check payable to PSSA

The above information should be sent to:

Jeff Graupp

101 Fox Trail

Parkesburg, PA  19365

On behalf of the PSSA, we thank you for your time and look forward to partnering with you.